Beginners Karate Kids Perth

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REGISTER for our FREE TRIAL & FREE UNIFORM when you join . Ongoing tuition fees for children are $49 a fortnight for up to 4 lessons a week.  Our children’s Beginners Karate Kids Perth program provides benefits for children immediately, with results that will last them for a lifetime. You and your child’s teachers will see a big difference at home and at school. Your child will learn to have better focus and self-control all while having fun and getting exercise.

Basil an accredited IKGA Shihan Master Instructor has been with the Academy for over 29 years and has represented Australia successfully in international competition as a competitor and as a coach. Since 1991 Basil has trained exclusively under Hanshi Brian Mackie 8th Dan and was awarded Instructor status in 1998 and Shihan Master Instructor 2014. His love of the art and the emphasis of high moral values is reflected in his enthusiasm and teaching. His clubs are vibrant and energetic and his students are quick to participate in all activities involving Karate.

Shihan Basil takes all beginners karate classes personally so your child will receive unparalleled tuition see our  class timetable beginners lessons 4 days a week at Booragoon and O’Connor.

Check out our fees easy fortnightly payments, no contract , no lock in.

10 Reasons to choose the right school, Brian Mackie’s Karate.

  1. We offer a Trial absolutely fully refundable when you join no obligation just join in and have fun.
  2. We have very reasonable Fees.
  3. Parking right out front in a traffic free car park.
  4. No lengthy contract headaches only 2 weeks notice to opt out.
  5. Shihan (Master) 5th Dan IKGA and Government accredited Instructor takes all classes including beginners.
  6. We invite you to stay and watch your child enjoy the lessons.
  7. We have a safe environment with all modern safe training equipment, mats, bags, mirrors , aircon ……
  8. Our school is registered with KidSport. Department of Sport and Recreation in WA. Your family could be entitled to a $150 grant towards fees.
  9. Brian Mackie’s Karate is a member of the Australian Karate Federation, the only government recognised karate organisation in Australia. Our Instructors have Government accreditation and working with children cards plus more importantly Grades that are from the renown International Karate-Do Goju-Kai Association in Japan.
  10. Be part of one of the largest styles in the World, where ever you travel you can have your Grade recognised and train with the same syllabus, uniform and equipment that you do in your own Dojo.