Shobukan Open

Hi Team….what an über long but incredibly exciting day at the Shobukan All Styles Tournament. We had 20 competitors bringing home 31 MEDALS.15…GOLD
6…. BRONZE We had 14 athletes medalling in both disciplines of Kata and Kumite..(A M A Z I N G)4 athletes winning gold in both Kata and Kumite..(Elitesville!!)I want to mention up front some of our new players for the day…Seth, Kota, Dulkith, Riley, Melina, Reece and James who all did so well for their first or second competition. Some of these children were not even 10 years old and showed such concentration and bravery. Please don’t be disappointed if you didn’t get a medal today as most divisions were so strongly contested…and you are a developing student.So here we go…Kota Roberts….. Gold in Kumite Bronze in KataTeo Roberts….Gold in Kumite and KataJames Lenton …Silver KataMiah Cottom …Silver in both Kumite and KataMelina Gotsis…Gold in Kata Bronze in KumiteReece Miyamoto…Gold in Kata and KumiteJason Welch…Silver in Kumite and KataLucca Barnaba…Gold in Kata and Bronze in KumiteXsenija Bromley…Gold in Kata and KumiteNino Karrow….Bronze in KumiteChanel Kafetzis….Gold in KumiteHarrison Loh…Gold in Kata and Kumite and Bronze in open KataTJ Mohar…3 Silvers in Kata and KumiteShannon Blot…Gold in Kumite and Bronze in KataKathryn Malanczak…Gold in Kata and Silver in KumiteBrendan Loh…Gold in Kumite and Bronze in KataJamie Kafetzis and Ethan Tran were both very unlucky in their draws today, but still put up a great display.Chanel was fantastic against Saba..her drive to win is incredible.TJ, I was so happy to see you do so well today. Jaxon what a great comeback after having so much time off since Canada….AND I can certainly rattle on about Teo, Reece, Xsenija and Harry but my shout out for the day belongs to Kathryn Malanczak, the Katas were beautiful but the Kumite was next level, beating Christina Perron who is the current Australian Womens Champion and then only just being pipped by Olivia Clifford who is on the International Karate Kumite circuit…stunning performance.Neil Pethic, Frank Gotsis and Dan Sharpe…thankyou for you reffing commitment …long day…I would need a red bull infusion out there….Shihans Brigit and Basil, Sensei Andrew and Hanshi you had your hands full today tatami hopping, thank you so much for all the feedback the kids got and your drive to create stronger athletes.Sensei Craig thanks for Medal presentations and Ako Roberts for keeping tallies of results….I know Paige Barnaba is going to do a photo story board so please enjoy.So proud of you all.